Mead & Greed Festival Pt. 2

The second day of the festival started with Helgrindur, playing a great set and delivering straight forward Pagan Metal. Perfect for setting the mood for the bands to come.

Remember Twilight entered the stage with two violinists and a cellist. They brew them together with heavy riffs and vocal variety to create their unique style, labeled „Kammermusik-Core“.

I was looking forward to seeing Tales of Ratatösk that night and the 7 people of the squirrel battalion put on a great show! Pagan Folk Metal at it’s finest!

Die Habenichtse were filling the next slot and their “Medieval Beggar Folk” was a nice intermezzo. Jolly and danceable tunes for everybody who knows that happiness doesn’t lie in wealth but in enjoying the moment, good music and a drink with friends.

From the second they started to play Vanaheim had the crowd by their balls. The Dutch heathen horde and promising rising star played a strong set and left the audience cheering!

I really enjoyed to see Gernotshagen again. Their epic metal, the melodic soundscapes and the awesome vocals of their frontman Askan fascinate me from the beginning!

They played their top tracks of Weltenbrand, older stuff and even some brand new songs! Great show!

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